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Discontinued Systems - Clearance Sale - Replacement Parts and accessories

Looking for a bargain or you just can't find information or parts for discontinued products anywhere else? Try some of these pages.

MegaVox PRO wireless AIR companion speaker.
This is a great add-on speaker compatible with all Anchor Audio AIR systems.

Click to enlarge RescueMAN basic package MEGA-AIR includes:
(1) MegaVox AIR battery powered wireless companion speaker with sealed lead acid (SLA) battery.
(2) EXT-9000 antenna for AIR receiver
(1) RC-8000 charger

 Was $440  Now only $250    Qty: 1 left 

Anchor Audio UHF-7000US/BP Wireless receiver w/belt-pack transmitter

UHF7000 with Belt pack transmitter Belt pack microphones sold separately - Click here to view and order

 Was $357  Now only $120    Qty: 1 left 
Download pdf User Manual and Tech Data

Downloads (PDF) Warranty: As Is     

Williams Sound 16-channel Receiver w/Plug-In Enviro-Mic
Discontinued new product in original box sold as is.

16-channel wideband receiver with environmental Mic Motiva PFM R36
This receiver is not only compatible with all Williams Sound transmitters but can also be used as a stand alone personal ALD on equal terms with a Pocketalker. Use it at home, in the car, at church or anywhere a Williams Sound FM system is installed. Earphones and neckloops sold separately.

Clearance sale  $30    Qty: 1 left