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The Motiva Personal FM System

has been replaced with the Williams Sound

PFM PRO Personal FM System

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How the Motiva FM system works: The speaker talks into a lapel microphone which is plugged into the body-pack style transmitter. The transmitter broadcasts the speaker’s message wirelessly up to 150 feet (45.7 meters). Listeners wear a body-pack style receiver equipped with an earphone or headphone to pickup the speaker’s broadcast. Individual volume controls on the receiver allow the listener to adjust the volume to meet their personal comfort level. The receiver's versatile 3.5mm jack allows for a variety of earphones and headphone options, and is neckloop/hearing aid compatible. Motiva features 16 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz frequency and has an operating range of up to 150 feet. No-slip rubberized sides ensures easy handling for all users.

The PFM T36 transmitter will broadcast the speaker’s voice directly to an individual or group member equipped with a wideband, 72-76 MHz compatible receiver. T36 Transmitter with MIC086 Heaset MicrophoneThe PPA T36 will transmit up to 150 feet to the listening audience. The T36 transmitter has 16 user selectable channels and is compatible with the following Williams Sound receivers: PFM R31, PFM R32, PFM R33, PFM R36, PPA R35, PPA R35-8. It may also be compatible with other manufacturer's wideband receivers. It features a microphone mute switch, power on/low battery indicator, an AUX input and internal Mic/AUX gain controls. Channels can be locked with an internal switch to prevent users from changing the channels. An internal switch also allows the user to select a 2:1 compression ratio for hearing assistance applications. Operating on two AA size batteries, the T36 gets up to 30 hours of battery life with alkaline batteries and up to 20 hours with rechargeable NiMH batteries.MIC 054 Directional lapel microphone

The MIC 090 Omnidirectional Lapel Microphone is standard with all systems. The PFM T36 transmitter is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm mic jack so it can be used with many other microphone styles such as  the directional lapel MIC 054, conference MIC 049 and the hand-held MIC 027 microphone, all used for hearing assistance in varying acoustical environments.

The stylish, impact-resistant PFM R33 16-Channel Receiver features crystal clear audio and is compatible with all Williams Sound Personal PA wideband transmitters. Motiva PFM R33 receiverAn internal channel selector can be set to any one of the T36 transmitter's 16 channels. The receiver includes a detachable belt-clip for hands-free operation. A standard 3.5 mm mono phone jack accommodates a variety of low-impedance mono earphones, headphones and neckloops. The PFM R33 receiver is equipped with a integrated volume on/off  switch and a LED power "on" indicator. The green power "on" LED will illuminate red indicating low battery power. The PFM R33 receiver operates on two AA batteries. A battery selector switch inside the battery compartment permits the user to select between NiMH rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries. Operating time with NiMH rechargeable batteries is approximately Motiva PFM R36 receiver with environmental microphone17 hours and 21 hours with alkaline batteries.

The PFM R36 Receiver (right) share the same design features as the PFM R33 receiver. In addition, the R36 receiver features a sensitive environmental microphone. By turning on the environmental mic, listeners can balance the level between the received FM signal and other classmates, or simply the sounds of nature. The environmental microphone also permits use of the R36 as a Pocketalker for close up conversations in situations where it would be impractical to use the transmitter. The environmental  microphone MIC 014 is plug-mountable and can be removed  if so desired.

Monaural EarbudStandard listening option with prepackaged systems is the EAR 013 monaural earbud. However, many other options include but are not necessarily limited to: Binaural (dual) earbuds, headphones, swivel and surround earphones, and neckloop interfaces. Substitution with most options is free with purchase of system. For details, see earphone section in shopping cart below.CHG3502 Two-Unit drop-in charger

The CHG 3502 Two-unit drop-in charger conveniently charges the transmitter and receiver simultaneously without the need for removing the rechargeable batteries. The charger features individual charging LED indicators that blink when batteries are ready. The nominal charging time is approximately 16 hours but may vary based on the rated capacity of the NiMH batteries. A 12-unit charger is also available.