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Anchor Audio ALB-9000 Assistive Listening Systems
for AIR Systems Add-on, Walking tours and Permanent Installation

The Anchor Audio assistive listening systems are known for their ease of use and quality sound. They are designed to help individuals clearly understand speech where conventional audio systems fail due to background noise and/or distance to the sound source. The wireless beltpack receivers seamlessly connect to Anchor Audio's wireless AIR systems for instant ADA compliance without the need for separate transmitters or hook up as is required with conventional PA systems..

ALB-9000 Series Packages and Accessories

ADA Compliance Kit for Anchor Audio AIR Public Address Systems

ADA Compliance Kit for AIR Wireless PA & Sound Systems
Click here for discount indformation ALB-AIR includes:
(2) ALB-9000 Beltpack receivers
(2) Lightweight in-ear headphones
(4) AA Alkaline batteries
(2) Neckloops for hearing aid compatibility
(1) ADA compliance plaque

Note: ADA requires that 25% of all receivers but not less than two be hearing aid compatible

Add two (2) Receivers:  Qty:    Price $494