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Williams Sound FM + Wi-Fi Hearing Systems
for Houses of Worship, Educational Institutions, Public Facilities, Parks & Recreation

The new FM Plus is designed to support those who want to use their own smartphones and headphones for a more discreet listening experience. Venues no longer need to choose between providing FM or Wi-Fi receivers. FM Plus supports both the new iOS and Android WaveCAST Apps in addition to all current and legacy Williams Sound FM receivers operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth.

FM 557 and FM 558 Plus Wi-Fi Packages with Rackmount Options

  FM 558 PRO Rackmount version with recharge kit and 4 receivers - expandable  

FM 558 PRO includes:
(1) FM T55 Plus Wi-Fi Transmitter
(1) TFP 062 Power supply
(1) WCA 013 RCA audio cable, 3 feet
(1) ANT 005 Coaxial antenna
(1) RPK 005 Rack panel kit
(4) PPA R38N Multi-channel receivers
(4) EAR 022 Surround earphones (std)
(2) NKL 001 Neckloops
(2) BAT KT6 Dual drop-in charger kits
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque

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