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TGS PRO Single-channel and Multi-channel FM Systems
for Tour Guide, Language Interpretation and Hearing Assistance Applications

The TGS PRO 737 single-channel and TGS PRO 738 multi-channel hearing assistance, tour guide and language interpretation systems from Williams Sound help audiences with hearing difficulties overcome background noise and distance from the speaker. TGS PRO systems are designed to meet the ADA accessibility requirements for hearing assistance, and come with a Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty.

Williams Sound TGS PRO 737 and 738 custom packages

 TGS PRO 737C Single-channel system for 10 listeners - expandable.

TGS Pro tour guide - translation and hearing assistance system

TGS PRO 737C custom package includes:
1 PPA T46 Transmitter
1 MIC 100 Headset microphone
10 PPA R37N Single-channel Receivers
11 BAT 001-2 Alkaline Batteries (2-pack)
1 CCS 056 S Carry Case
User Manual
and choice of Headphone/Earphone option

To view available headphone options, click on Options Tab

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