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Explorer Pro Sound System Discontinued

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All about the Explorer Sound System

The Explorer Pro from Anchor Audio is perfect for sound projection in indoor or outdoor settings and playback of music during activities. Explorer Pro delivers 109 dB of intelligible speech from one sound system and is designed for users with no technical knowledge. The simple control panel is virtually self explanatory and set up is fast and easy. Weighing in at only 23 pounds and with an array of transporters and storage accessories, the Explorer is the ultimate solution for users who demand high fidelity sound in an easily portable package.

Wireless UHF Microphones: Explorer PA systems may be equipped with one or two optional built-in wireless UHF receivers. The volume of each of the wireless receivers are controlled simply by pulling the dual function Mic 1 and Mic 2 volume control knobs. The wireless UHF microphone transmitters are available in a handheld version and/or a body-pack equipped with choice of lapel mic, collar mic, headband mic, or, an all new barely seen over the ear UltraLite microphone. To avoid potential interference should several wireless sound systems be employed in close proximity, all UHF components have 16 agile user selectable channels. Transmission range is up to 150 ft.

Inputs: All Explorer Pro models feature two balanced/unbalanced Mic/Line  XLR -1/4" input jacks. A third line level source may be connected through a 1/4" jack, stereo RCA jacks or a 1/8" mini jack. The mini jack is particularly suited for iPods or Walkman style CD/cassette players that easily fits in a designated area above the control panel (see rear view picture below). Each of the three inputs have a separate volume controls providingExplorer Pro sound system the user full control over the mix.

Speech Projection and Voice Over Music: The Explorer features a speech projection mode for crystal-clear voice projection. Furthermore, the Explorer also incorporates a Voice Over Music feature that allows the speaker to clearly be heard during music playback. When a microphone input is activated, the line level input (usually music from a CD or cassette player) automatically is attenuated 12 dB. Both features are easily activated with a simple push button switches on the control panel.Explore Pro rear view

Outputs: The rated power output is 75 watts in AC/DC mode. A optional wired unpowered companion speaker may be connected for more uniform sound distribution. However, with the use of wireless microphones there is no limit to how many wireless Explorer Pro systems may be employed, as long as these are placed within the transmission range of the wireless microphones. If music playback is desired for multiple wireless speaker applications, a special patch cord allows for hookup between a CD/cassette recorder and the belt-pack transmitter. For added flexibility, the Explorer is also equipped with user adjustable bass and treble controls. In addition, the Explorer features a 1/4" line out recording output for those wishing to record an event.

Power Source: The Explorer Pro is truly versatile with true AC/DC power supply and improved battery life of up to 6 hours of operating time. With a rapid charging circuit it recharges drained battery in as little as 60 minutes. It can also operate from a 12 volt power source such as an auto power port. LEDs display battery level and charge condition. Optionally, all Explorer models are now available in "AC only" versions. This option offers substantial savings over AC/DC models.