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Phonic Ear Radium Sound Field System

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Below is general information with links to Tech Data and User Guide for the Phonic Ear Radium sound field system

Radium Reference Material

Radium 915 (Tech data 10Mb)                          Radium 920            

Download Tech Data Easy Listener User Guide      Download Tech Data Easy Listener User Guide

Because Radium is totally wireless, it is the perfect mobile sound field and PA system. It can be placed on a tabletop or put on a floor stand. Either way, set up is fast, simple, and convenient. It even comes with a perfectly Radium wireless sound field systembalanced carry handle. For permanent installation, it can be supplied with wall brackets instead of the standard table stand. The Radium wireless sound system features two built-in FM channels. That means two instructors can teach using two hands-free wireless body worn transmitters or two handheld microphones simultaneously. Or, use a combination of  one instructor's wireless body worn transmitters and a hand-held microphone transmitter to pass around between the students.
Radium provides up to 8 hours of completely wireless operating time. When done, just drop the wireless microphone transmitter into the charger and connect the charging transformer to the loudspeaker. It can't get any simpler than that. In the event of longer scheduled presentations, the wireless loudspeaker may be powered while it charges. Transmitters can operate for more than 20 hours on a four hour charge but can also operate on regular AA size alkaline batteries.

The Radium high-quality speakers and wide-band transmission provide full, clear sound. A separate volume control for each channel, an adjustable tone control, plus a volume control for the auxiliary input portRadium wireless sound field control panel gives teachers control over the classroom auditory experience. CD, VCR,  TV or other audiovisual sound can easily be mixed in via the input port. An output port with a high-low level switch provides sound to recorders or other FM transmitters for rebroadcast including assistive listening systems for the hard of hearing.

The column speaker technology applied in the Radium sound system takes advantage of the effects of cancellation and reinforcement that occur when spacing two speaker cones a precise distance apart (phase angling). Because the  Radium Radium wireless sound field system reinforcement chartspeakers are phase angled, sound cancellation occurs at the top and bottom of the speaker enclosure. This reduces the amount of sound reflecting off the floor and ceiling and therefore reduces reverberation. In addition, reinforcement occurs at the center of the Radium speaker. The sound energy that would ordinarily bounce off the ceiling and floor is directed in front of the speaker. This means that the sound from the Radium speakers drops only 4dB for every doubling of distance up to about 7m giving twice the audibility of a conventional speaker at the back of the classroom.