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ChatterVox Model 6 Personal Voice Amplifier System
for Tour Guides, PE Teachers, Auctioneers, Cheerleaders, Band & Choral Directors

The ChatterVox 6 personal voice amplification systems by ELT Group conserves your voice while boosting your vocal impact. It is ideal for anyone who needs to improve their vocal presence in an outdoor or noisy environment. The ChatterVox 6 is great for PE Teachers, Tour Guides, Performers, Corporate Trainers, Trade Show Personnel, Coaches, Auctioneers . . . .  the list goes on and on. ChatterVox 6 is easy to use and provides great sound quality.

ChatterVox 6 Personal Voice Amplification System includes:

ChatterVox 6 personal voice amplification system

ChatterVox 6 with HM-100 headset microphone
Model 6 speech amplifier includes 12" belt-extension

ChatterVox Model 6 Hip Worn Voice Amplifier

Charger w/rechargeable batteries
120 Volt US charger with six NiMH batteries

ChatterVox 6 storage case

Storage case w/Amplifier Cover
Textured neoprene cover standard

Options:  Microphone:  Charger:

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Microphone options:

ChatterVox heavy-duty microphone
HM-150 Heavy duty noise cancelling headset microphone (standard)
Short boom, sweat resistant - optimized for tour guides

ChatterVox Headset microphone
      HM-100 Noise cancelling headset microphone
Long boom for soft voices

Charger Options:

Standard charger with US 110 Volt plug

Charger with US 110 Volt plug (standard)
Input 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz - Output 12 VDC 1.25 A

International charger for ChatterVox

International charger. Any mains - any plug
Input 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, Output 12 VDC 1.25 A (+$15)


ChatterVox Headset microphone

HM-150 Heavy duty headset microphone with short boom & and removable strap
Qty: Price: $95

ChatterVox Headset microphone

HM-100 Multi-purpose headset microphone - offers maximum gain before feedback
Qty: Price: $80

ChatterVox collar microphone

CM-200 Collar microphone - comfortable but restricts head movements
Qty: Price: $85

ChatterVox hand-held microphone

MM-100 Handheld microphone w/wind screen and lanyard (not shown)
Qty: Price: $85

Wind screeen for HM100, HM150 and CM200

WS-100 Wind screen for HM100, HM150 and CM200 (3-pack)
Qty: Price: $12

Wind screeen for MM100

WS-100L Wind screen for MM-100 (3-pack)
Qty: Price: $12

ChatterVox amplifier

CV-RV Raised volume control knob for CV-6
Qty: Price: $3

Standard 110 Volt AC charger for ChatterVox 6

AC-6 Charger for ChatterVox Model 6 (US 110 plug)
Qty: Price: $20

International charger for ChatterVox

AC-INTL International Charger - any Mains, any Plug. Click on image to enlarge
Qty: Price: $30

Rechargeable AA Battery, NiMH

CV6-NiMH High capacity rechargeable batteries(4-pack)
Qty: Price: $30

Textured sport pack cover

TFP6 Textured neoprene sport pack cover
Qty: Price: $25

ChatterVox 6 storage case

CV6-CASE ChatterVox Model 6 storage case
Qty: Price: $30

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Volume and/or Government/Educational Discount may apply

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 All about ChatterVox Model 6

  • Description
  • Features
  • Tech Data
  • Warranty
  • Downloads

The ChatterVox Model 6 personal voice amplification system is in actuality a small "Public Address System". It has 6 watts of power and can boost vocal output by as much as 22 dB. The unique ChatterVox hip-pack design amplifier ChatterVox 6 Tourguide PAweighs only 1.8lb ChatterVox 6 ProHip voice amplifierand features a simple volume control with built-in On/Off switch, Power-On LED and a recessed high frequency boost/cut control. The ChatterVox 6 is powered by four environmentally friendly, high capacity Nickel Metal-Hydrate rechargeable AA size batteries. The typical operating time is 8-10 hours of continuous use on a single overnight charge. The standard system includes a 110-240 volt charger with US plug but an international charger with all known plug types is also available. The ChatterVox is supplied with black textured neoprene "Sport-Pack" cover and a convenient "bowling bag" style tote. The ChatterVox 6 fits waist sizes 28-42.

The HM-150 heavy-duty headset microphone is the innovative solution for tour guides, auctioneers and performers who by nature raise their voice above normal speech level. With a short boom it offers optimum sound pickup at the side of mouth position thus reducing breath and pop noise. It is designed with a sweat-proof mic element which provides long hours of active use. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. The head wire is rubber-coated for strength. It can be readily reformed to fit any head size or shape. The HM-150 is standard with the ChatterVox 6 6 package.

The HM-100 multi-purpose headset microphone should only be used by people with soft voices. It is essentially the same as the HM-150 above but has a longer boom arm allowing the microphone element to be placed in front of the mouth rather than on the side. The HM-100 is perfect for applications that require close mi king to achieve maximum gain before feedback.

NOTE: Lapel microphones are not available for ChatterVox systems.



Reaches crowds of 50+
Easy to adjust volume control with built-in on/off switch
Recessed high frequency boost/cut control
Two (2) microphones styles to choose from
Six (6) W amplifier with 3.25" speaker
Durable design for every day use
Power and Low battery indicator LED
Powered from rechargeable batteries (or AA alkaline batteries)
Charge indicator LED
Eight (8) hours + operating time on an overnight charge
Lightweight at only 1.8 lb.









Power output: 6 watts RMS @4Ω
Frequency response: 100Hz-12KHz
Effective gain: 22dB GBFI* @ 1.0m
(*gain before feedback indoors)
Amplification type: Class D
Speaker: 4Ω 3.25” (82.5mm)
Power required: 4.8-6.0VDC
Batteries (rechargeable) 4x NiMH AA (2100mah)
(single use) 4x Alkaline AA
Recharging time: 6-8 hours typical
Operating time/charge: 8-10 hours typical
Charger provided: 90-230VAC/12VDC 1.25A
Weight: 1.8lb (818 grams)







One year limited warranty.

Enhanced Listening Technologies Corporation (ELT) warrants the ChatterVox® personal voice amplification system against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries and microphone are warranted for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. The warranty applies to the original user and the term as established by the original purchase receipt or invoice.

Exclusions: The warranty does not cover damage to or failure of the unit components due to heat, moisture, shock, misuse, abuse, poor maintenance, improper charging, unusual wear and tear or tampering.

Remedy: In the event of failure, the ChatterVox® amplification unit, batteries, microphone or other accessories will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion (for details, download the ELT warranty statement instructions under the "Downloads tab").















The following PDF documents are available for download:

ChatterVox Pro Model 6 User Guide and Technical Data

ELT Warranty Statement

HM100 Technical Data

HM150 Technical Data