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FrontRow Pro Digital Infrared Soundfield System

for every day classroom and conference applications.

The FrontRow Pro Digital two-channel infrared (IR) wireless microphone sound-field PA system offers unparalleled performance when it comes to running multiple interference free applications in classrooms adjacent to one another. With both ceiling and wall mounted loudspeaker designs, installation is simple whether it be a new construction or for retrofit in an existing building.

PD-IR Pro Digital IR Speaker Package w/receiver mounting tray

940SYS-IR Pro Digital IR wall speaker system

Includes one each of 940R two-channel IR receiver with power supply and AUX cord kit, 940TM wireless pendant microphone, 940IR IR speaker kit with (2) speakers w/brackets, combo speaker cable kit and receiver mounting tray.

Price: $1,317.90   Qty:

PD-CSP-CS Ceiling Speaker Package with Ceiling Sensor and receiver mounting tray

PD-CSP-CS Pro Digital ceiling speaker system

Includes one each of 940R two-channel receiver with power supply and AUX cord kit, 940TM wireless pendant microphone, 940SC ceiling speaker kit with (4) speakers and tile bridges, (4) 60 ft speaker cables, 940CS ceiling sensor kit and receiver mounting tray.

Price: $1,337.90   Qty:

PD-CSP-WS Ceiling Speaker Package with Wall Sensors and receiver mounting tray

PD-CSP-WS Pro Digital ceiling speaker system

Includes one each of 940R two-channel receiver with power supply and AUX cord kit, 940TM wireless pendant microphone, 940SC ceiling speaker kit with (4) speakers and tile bridges, (4) 60 ft speaker cables, 940WS wall sensor kit and receiver mounting tray.

Price: $1,392.90   Qty:

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FrontRow Pro Digital Infrared Sound-Field System with adaptive intelligence offers a most time-savings, energy-saving, hassle-free sound reinforcement solution in any classroom sized teaching environment. A powerful  digital platform optimizes sound quality, power use, and suppresses feedback before it starts. The FrontRow Pro Digital is a dual system which can operate with two wireless microphones at the same time. The standard pendant style microphone included with all pre packed system provides for hand-free operation while the student hand-held microphone (optional) is easy to pass around or place on a floor stand. Both styles are equipped with channel selectors allowing for operation on either one of the two standard infrared carrier frequencies, 2.3 or 2.8 MHz. That means two instructors can teach simultaneously using any combination of pendant microphones and/or hand-held microphones.

The 940TM Infrared Wireless Pendant Microphone is equipped with an integrated directional dual-mic system that ensures uniform sound quality regardless of head movements.940TM Front and Bottom view A large push button in front makes it easy to mute the microphone. The microphone is also equipped with an Aux-in jack for sending a secondary audio source such as an MP3 player or portable CD/tape player to the receiver. An external headset microphone can also be connected for use in noisy environments or in rooms with poor acoustical properties. 950H Handheld microphone with lavalier cord

The 950H Handheld Infrared Microphone helps increase group participation while reinforcing the values of turn-taking and listening. This durable mini-sized mic is less than 6" tall and weighs a mere 2.6 oz. with battery. The microphone is also supplied with a lanyard (place cursor on 950H image, right) conveniently making it hands free for reading aloud, giving reports or even team teaching. Like the 940TM, the microphone is equipped with an AUX-in jack for sending a secondary audio source such as an MP3 player or portable CD/tape player to the receiver.

950C ChargerThe 950C Drop-In Charger (included with the 950H) is a convenient solution when operating with both pendant and handheld microphones. Each microphone operate on a single AA NiMH "silver sleeve" battery. To protect against charging incompatible batteries, the microphones are designed with SmartCharge technology. AA alkaline batteries may be used in an emergency situation, but the microphone will only charge the "silver sleeve" auto-sensing battery that comes with the microphone.

The FrontRow Pro Digital 940R receiver design makes it simple to operate. The teachers need only turn on the wireless microphone to start teaching.940Rwireless  infrared digital microphone receiver and amplifiier The receiver automatically wakes up from it's energy-saving sleep mode and goes to sleep when the microphone is turned off. A separate volume control for each microphone channel plus two volume controls for auxiliary inputs gives teachers control over the classroom auditory experience. Audiovisual sound including CD/DVD, VCR, TV or computer can easily be mixed in via the two sets of standard stereo RCA connectors on the rear panel. A three position OptiVoice selector optimizes teacher's voice clarity for various room noise levels. An output port with an adjustment control provides sound to recorders or other FM transmitters for rebroadcast, including assistive listening systems for the hard of hearing. It can also be used to feed an external PA system when used only as a wireless microphone system for sensitive applications. To avoid potential microphone dropouts, it is recommended to install remote infrared sensors. The rear panel has inputs for two wall sensors and one ceiling sensor. Furthermore, the rear panel features four speaker terminals powered by two internal 20 watts amplifiers. With two different loudspeaker designs to choose from, installation of the FrontRow Pro Digital system is possible in practically any type of facility.

The Distributed Ceiling Speaker kit includes four full range coaxial speakers with four UL listed metal tile bridges and steel back enclosures. This option is ideal for dropped ceiling installations. The speakers mount flush with the ceiling tiles for neat and inconspicuous installation. The speaker cable kit includes two 48 ft and two 60 ft 18 AWG 2 conductor cables.940CS Pro Digital ceiling speaker A ceiling sensor kit is recommended with the installation of ceiling speakers. However, there can be situations where wall sensors and/or a combination of sensor styles may be more effective. The sensor kits include 50 ft RG58/u coax cables.

940IR IR wall speaker with built-in sensor

The IR Speaker kit includes two wall speakers with built-in sensors which makes installation simple. Each IR speaker unit combines the two-speaker enclosure with an infrared sensor using a single cable. With three photo diodes per speaker, robust IR coverage is achieved for room sizes up to 2,500 square feet. The IR speaker kit includes two wall speaker units with built-in sensors, a wall mounting bracket and a combo speaker/sensor cable. The combo cable incorporates a 50 ft 18 AWG two conductor speaker cable and a RG58/u coaxial sensor cable.

All speaker and sensor cables furnished by Centrum Sound are original manufacturer's CL3P Plenum-rated cables.

FrontRow Pro Digital Technical Data Sheet
FrontRow Pro Digital User Guide
FrontRow Pro Digital Installation Guide
FrontRow Pro 940H User guide (discontinued)

Watch FrontRow Pro Digital Training Video

WARRANTY: FrontRow Active Learning System components (receivers, IR sensors, speakers and transmitters purchased after January 1, 2007 are covered by original manufacturer's Five-Year Limited Warranty. Microphones, rechargeable batteries and other peripheral accessories are covered by original manufacturer's One-Year Limited Warranty.
For specific warranty information and/or additional extended service agreements, download: FrontRow Limited Warranty and FrontRow Comprehensive Service Guide.


Pro Digital

Components and Accessories

FrontRow Pro Digital 940R Digital Receiver

940SYS-1 Pro Digital 940 system kit includes 940R digital receiver, 940TM pendant microphone, power supply, charge cord and cord kit. FrontRow part # 202-00-410-00
Qty: Price: $955

940SYS Pro Digital receiver mounting tray

940MT Receiver Mounting Tray. Convenient pivoting wall bracket that holds receiver in place for optimal positioning of sensor. FrontRow part # AT0784 (320-1000-101)
Qty: Price: $42.90

940SYS Pro Digital IR wall speakers

940IR IR Wall Speaker Kit. Includes two (2) IR wall speakers with built-in sensors, mounting brackets and two (2) UL listed CL3P Plenum-rated 50' combo cables. FrontRow part #  202-05-001-00
Qty: Price: $360

940SYS Pro Digital ceiling speakers

940CS Ceiling Speaker Kit. Includes four (4) ceiling speakers with tile bridges and speaker enclosures. 940-WS wall sensor kit and 940SC2 speaker cable kits are sold separately. FrontRow part #470-2856-130
Qty: Price: $185

940SYS Pro Digital speaker cable kit

940SC2 Speaker Cable Kit. Includes two (2) 60' 18 AWG two conductor CL3P Plenum-rated speaker cables. For use with 940CS and 940WS speakers only. FrontRow part # 300-2176-127
Qty: Price: $35

950SYS Pro Digital ceiling sensor

950CS Ceiling Sensor Kit. Includes one (1) ceiling sensor with 50' Plenum-rated RG58/u coaxial cable. FrontRow part # 204-01-010-00
Qty: Price: $170

940SYS Pro Digital wall sensor

940-WS Wall Sensor Kit. Includes two (2) wall sensors with 50' Plenum-rated RG58/u coaxial cable. FrontRow part # 204-01-008-00
Qty: Price: $225

940TM pendant microphone

940TM Pendant IR Microphone. Includes one (1) 2100 mAh SmartCharge NiMH battery and AUX input cord. FrontRow part # 202-01-440-00
Qty: Price: $240

BTN Behind-the-neck boom microphone

BTN Behind-the-neck Boom Microphone. Optional headset microphone for use with 940TM pendant microphone in extremely difficult acoustical environments. FrontRow part # 890-88-300-00
Qty: Price: $89

Wind screen for Headset microphone

BTN-WND Wind Screen, 6-pack
Fits above BTN and DLM microphones. Manufacturer's part # 890-88-306-00.
Qty: Price: $29

Handheld IR mic with charger

950HC-Kit Handheld IR microphone with drop-in charger (also charges one 940TM).
Qty: Price: $305

FrontRow 950C Dual Charger

950C Combo Charging Cradle. Includes power supply 040-7150-105
Qty: Price: $65

2300 mAh SmartCharge battery

AA-BATT-X2 2300 mAh SmartCharge battery, 2-Pack.
Qty: Price: $15

2-MIC wall charger/950C Power supply

950C-PS 2-Mic pigtail charger/940TM/950C Power supply. FrontRow part # 040-7150-105
Qty: Price: $38

2-MIC wall charger/950C Power supply

940R-2MC 2-Mic charge cord. FrontRow part # 300-6497-105
Qty: Price: $5

940R Power supply

940R-PS 940R Power supply. FrontRow part # 890-88-047-00
Qty: Price: $38

940R Power Cord

940R-PC 940R Power Cord. FrontRow part # 300-7348-101
Qty: Price: $25

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