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Digital Classroom Audio and School PA Systems

Centrum Sound offers digital IR and FM based audio systems for everyday classroom and meeting room use. While FM based systems offer greater flexibility in terms of wireless microphone range and indoor/outdoor use, the infrared technology is superior for classroom use and applications requiring absolute RF silence, as the infrared signal cannot travel through walls.

Juno Front view and controls Juno Infrared Desktop Sound Reinforcement System
The Juno desktop tower by FrontRow delivers fantastic sound reproduction great for both voice and media amplification in room sizes up to 1,000 square feet (100 m2). A three-speaker line array provides full, rich 2.1 stereo sound with volume level easily controllable via voice command. Portable, lightweight, and with up to five wireless IR (infrared) microphones, Juno sets up in no time.
Go to FrontRow  sound field system FrontRow ToGo Sound Field System
Truly wireless, the FrontRow ToGo is a perfect two-channel wireless PA system for crowds up to 200 people. This classroom amplification system is suitable for portable and permanently installed applications alike. Place the wireless speaker on a tabletop, put it on a floor stand or mount it on a wall. Either way, set up is fast, simple, and convenient.
Go to FrontRow Pro Digital infrared sound field system FrontRow Pro Digital Infrared Sound Field System
FrontRow Pro Digital is the most teacher-friendly way to improve learning in every classroom. Unlike RF systems, there is no limit to how many infrared wireless microphone systems can operate simultaneous in adjacent rooms without interfering with one another. With different loudspeaker selections to choose from, the Pro Digital sound system can be installed in old and new facilities alike.
Go to ChatterVox Pro Personal PA system ChatterVox Pro 100 Personal Voice Amplifier
The ChatterVox Pro personal PA system is designed for personal voice amplification and offers effective everyday communication in the classroom while reducing vocal stress and strain. ChatterVox is totally hands-free with clear and natural sound.
Go to ChatterVox 6 Personal PA system ChatterVox 6 for PE Teachers
With improved power and sound quality, greater wearing comfort and the classic ChatterVox ease of use, the new ChatterVox Model 6 serves the need of PE teachers, coaches and band directors. Rated Power Output: 6 watts.
Go to Closeouts, Parts, and Discontinued Systems Clearance Sale and Discontinued Products
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