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Induction Loop Systems
Discontinued - Please visit Assistive Listening Systems page for alternative solutions

We still maintain this web site for those who wish to purchase loop receivers and/or download technical information.

The induction loop technology  is based on electromagnetic transmission and has the unique advantage that the signal is received directly by the user's hearing aid when equipped with a T-coil (telemagnetic pickup coil). A basic induction loop system consists of an amplifier and a loop (a single stranded hookup wire) that runs along the perimeter of the room. When the loop amplifier is fed a signal from a microphone or the house PA system, the sound is received wireless by the user's hearing aid without the need for an additional receiver as is required by all other technologies. Therefore, the induction loop technology is  the most popular method for T-coil users of providing assisted listening accommodations in stand alone public facilities.  Induction loop receivers are available for hearing impaired people without hearing aids or without the T-coil feature.

LogiBit Integrated PA/Teleloop amplifier

The LogiBit 1200 (discontinued) is a powerful induction loop amplifier designed for installation in auditoriums ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 sq. ft. with a single turn loop. The LogiBit is the ideal solution for facilities wishing to comply with the assistive listening systems requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The standard amplifier has two balanced XLR Mic/Line inputs and stereo RCA Tape in/out. An three-channel Mic/Line input module or a two-channel TOA wireless receiver module can be added at any time. A 19" rack-mount faceplate is also available. Adjustments are menu driven from four touch buttons or via PC with serial cable. The LogiBit is software upgradable to become a full fledges sound reinforcement system with two loudspeaker outputs, two 1/4" in/out patch connectors and 14-band equalizer.
Download LogiBit 1200/1260 specification sheet.

PA/L2000 Integrated PA/Teleloop Amplifier

The PA/L 2000 (discontinued) integrated PA/Teleloop amplifier combines all the features of the LA1000 teleloop amplifier (discontinued) with a full fledged sound reinforcement system. The PA section incorporates a 6-channel mixer, a 9-band equalizer, a loudspeaker amplifier and many other features such as remote volume and remote channel muting. Designed for small to medium sized auditoriums, this unique amplifier has all the components required for perfect sound reinforcement. For more details click on image.
Download PA/L2000 Amplifier PA/Teleloop amplifier specification sheet.