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CouncilMAN Portable Conference Microphone Systems

for City Councils, School Boards and Panel Discussions in Conference Rooms

With a powered Monitor Speaker and up to 16 Chairman/Delegate microphones, the CouncilMAN by Anchor Audio is designed to provide optimal speech intelligibility in any environment. Smaller rooms with crowds up to 100 people can rely on the standard speaker. For larger spaces with crowds up to 1,500+ people, Liberty, Go Getter, Explorer or MegaVox speakers can be added.

CouncilMAN Packages and Accessories

  • CM-6 Package
  • CM-6W Package
  • Accessories

   CM-6    CouncilMAN 6-user package System may be ordered with 3 to 20 microphones - 6 is standard.

CouncilMAN CM-6 with six Microphones Package

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(1) AN-100CM+ speaker amplifier
(1) CHM-100 Chairman microphone
(5) DEL-100 Delegate microphones
(5) EX-4M 4 ft. XLR cables
(1) EX-25M 25 ft. XLR cable
(1) Cardboard carrying case

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CM-6W    CouncilMAN 6-user package (expandable to 20) with one Wireless Microphone

CouncilMAN CM-6 with six Microphones Package

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(1) AN-100CMF1+ speaker amplifier (540-570 MHz)
(1) CHM-100 Chairman microphone
(5) DEL-100 Delegate microphones
(1) WH-8000 Handheld wireless microphone
(5) EX-4M 4 ft. XLR cables
(1) EX-25M 25 ft. XLR cable
(1) Cardboard carrying case

  Price: $2,432  Qty:

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CouncilMAN Desktop Microphones

CHM-100 Chairman microphone with "Delegate" mute button (base with MIC-618)
Qty: Price: $256

DEL-100 Delegate microphone (base with MIC-618)
Qty: Price: $256

Wireless handheld microphone

MIC-618 Gooseneck microphone with XLR plug
Qty: Price: $80

male/female XLR cable

EX-4M 4 ft Male/female XLR daisy-chain cable
Qty: Price: $24

EX-25M 25 ft Male/female XLR cable
Qty: Price: $48

Wireless handheld microphone

WH-8000 Wireless handheld microphone (use with suffix F1 models only )
Qty: Price: $320 (540-570 MHz)

Wireless handheld microphone

WH-6000 Wireless handheld microphone (use with suffix U1 models only)
Qty: Price: $320 (682-698 MHz)

MSB-201 heavy duty mic stand

MSB-201 Anchor Audio Heavy-duty Microphone stand w/boom & mic clip
Qty: Price: $80

AN130 powered monitor -

AN-100CM+ CouncilMAN Speaker Amplifier - no accessories included
Qty: Price: $248

AN-100CMF1+ Speaker Monitor with built-in UHF receiver (540-570 MHz)
Qty: Price: $408

Stand mount bracket

SB-3BK 40° Tilt ceiling/desktop bracket
Qty: Price: $28

Stand mount bracket

SB-360BK 360° Swivel wall-mount bracket
Qty: Price: $32

SS-250 Speaker stand

SS-250 Speaker stand for AN-100CM speaker amplifier
Qty: Price: $96

Traveling hard case on wheels with extension handle

HC-ARMOR24-CM CouncilMAN hard case with die cut foam
Qty: Price: $340

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All about CouncilMAN Portable Conference PA System

Free Shipping Continental US on orders over $50

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The CouncilMAN portable conference system travels from the council chambers to community center with ease of set-up and simplicity of use. The system is flexible to the demands of most room sizes and can manage up to 16 microphones. The microphones include Click to enlargeChairman and Delegate models that are powered by the CouncilMAN speaker monitor. With an optional wireless microphone, the panel easily takes questions from the audience. For call-out details, click on the monitor's front view image.

CouncilMAN amplifier rear viewThe rated power output of the AN-100CM+ speaker monitor is 30 watts. This is sufficient for most conference rooms with audiences up to 100 people. In auditoriums requiring a larger sound system, the CouncilMAN's line output can connect to the in-house PA system. If no in-house PA is available, an optional Anchor Audio Liberty or Go Getter sound system can easily be added (see the "Add-On Systems" tab). The line output can also be used for connection to an external recording device or an assistive listening system. The amplifier is also equipped with a standard 3.5 mm input jack for play-back from a music player.Click to enlarge Although designed for desktop applications, the speaker can also be mounted on a optional tripod floor stand. The sturdy SS-250 speaker stand combined with a stand mount bracket makes it easy to position the speaker for optimal sound projection.

The CHM-100 chairman microphone includes a push-to-talk switch, volume control, and a delegate mute switch. The DEL-100 delegate microphone includes a push-to-talk switch and volume control only. The push-to-talk switches are illuminated when on. The gooseneck microphones featuring cardioid pattern provides excellent sound pickup and maximum feedback rejection. The microphone bases are equipped with male and female XLR connectors which makes daisy chaining easy using standard 4' XLR cables. The chairman microphone can be inserted at any point in the chain. When the mute button is depressed on the Chairman microphone, all other microphones in the chain are muted. The chain is connected to the amplifier with a 25 XLR cable. In order that the closest end of the chain can conveniently be connected to the amplifier, the speaker monitor's microphone input accommodates both male and female XLR plugs. To enlarge base image, click on microphones.

Anchor Audio Handheld wireless microphoneWireless Microphone option: The CouncilMAN is available with an optional built-in UHF receiver and handheld wireless microphone transmitter. The handheld microphone can be passed around to audience members for questions or be placed on a tripod stand in front of the panel members. The optional MSB-201 tripod is equipped with a boom arm that makes it easy to adjust for varying heights of audience members. To avoid potential interference should several wireless sound systems be employed in close proximity, all UHF components have 16 user selectable channels.

106 dB of clear sound
Reaches crowds of 100+
30W amplifier
4.5" woofer and 10 mm dome tweeter
XLR Male/Female microphone inputs
1/8" Line in jack with volume control
XLR-1/4" Combo balanced line output
Bass and treble controls
Magnetically shielded speaker for AV use
AC Powered
Optional built-in 16 channel UHF wireless receiver
Lightweight only 9 lbs.

The following systems can be used to increase crowd coverage up to 1,500+ people:

Liberty Platinum Portable Sound System

Liberty Platinum Sound System

The Liberty Platinum series battery powered sound systems deliver unprecedented performance and are designed to reach crowds of 1,500+ people. With a built-in Bluetooth receiver, background music can easily be added during breaks.
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Go Getter Sound system

Go Getter Portable PA Sound System

With 109 dB of crystal clear sound the Go Getter can reach crowds of up to 500+ people. Weighing in at just 23 pounds, the Go Getter is easy to transport and set up on a speaker stand.
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MegaVox Pro Portable PA System

MegaVox Pro PA System

Just Grab it and Go! It is lightweight, loud and easy to carry. With 119 dB SPL of clear speech projection, the MegaVox Pro PA system is a great addition when reaching the audience is of paramount importance.
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