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Easy Listener 2 - FrontRow Tempo Sound Field System

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Below is general information with links to Tech Data and User Guides for the Phonic Ear Easy Listener 2 and Tempo

Easy Listener 2 AKA FrontRow Tempo Reference Material

EL2 Download Tech Data    Tempo Download Tech Data    330T Easy Listener User Guide    230R Easy Listener User Guide    PE 210 Easy Listener User Guide

The Easy Listener 2 (AKA FrontRow Tempo) Sound Field system is an economical way to help listeners more clearly hear a presenter speaking regardless of the ambient noise, distance, and echo which can interfere with clear speech Easy Listener Sound Field System with 4 mini speakers understanding. The Easy Listener sound field system  works well for people of all ages. Adults find it helpful in any small classroom or conference room where speech intelligibility is compromised by reverberation, noise, and/or distance.

The body worn transmitter features a microphone jack, an High perpormance headset microphone auxiliary input jack, a charge jack, a charge light, and a belt clip.  The presenter has a choice of a directional lapel mic, ear-hook mic, behind-the-neck high performance microphone (shown at right) , or a collar microphone. The transmitter's auxiliary input jack easily connects to CD, VCR, TV or other audiovisual sound sources for wireless transmission. However, similar sound sources may also be connected directly to a separate auxiliary input jack on the receiver. This combination permits the presenter to mix an balance own voice with the auxiliary sound source.

The signal is transmitted to a base station receiver which in turn is connected to loudspeakers - either two distributed and permanently installed ceiling speakers, or four Central ceiling speaker separate wall speakers placed around the room. The ceiling speakers offer discreet  styling and quick installation while both floor stands and tabletop stands are available for the wall speakers. The system affords amplification of the presenter's voice 10 to12 dB above room noise. The receiver is equipped with a volume control for adjustment of of the sound level of the FM signal received from the wireless transmitter. It also features a tone control to adjust the frequency response for a variety of users and acoustic environments.