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RescueMAN and TourVox PA Systems

RescueMAN Personal PA System was designed for first responders requiring voice amplification for emergencies or crowd control situations. 100 dB of crystal clear sound pumped out of a lightweight, wearable enclosure designed to be heard over loud emergency equipment or in an active environment.  It also features a high quality record and replay function which allows a user to record a voice message up to 20 seconds with repeating capability.

The TourVox package is a powerful, personal public address system. It delivers crystal clear voice amplification and is designed to be used by tour guides, or anyone addressing small crowds of people. It reaches crowds of 100+ and has a built-in rechargeable battery that runs up to 12 hours on a single charge.

RescueMAN Basic Package. Click here to view control panel

RescueMAN Emergency Responder PA System

RSM-BP RescueMAN Basic Package includes RMS-7500 PA speaker with record/playback function, belt/shoulder strap, RC-30 recharge kit and choice of microphone style.

Select Mic:  Price: $300  Qty:   

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TourVox Headband Package. Click here for close up view

RescueMAN with Headband microphone

TG-BP TourVox basic package includes TG-7500 PA speaker with HBM-50 headband microphone with wind screen (not shown), belt/shoulder strap and RC-30 recharge kit.

Price: $260  Qty:   

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Replacement Parts and Accessories

MIC-50 handheld microphone

MIC-50 Handheld microphone

Price: $40   Qty:   

MIC-50 handheld microphone

HBM-50 Headband microphone

Price: $40   Qty:   

RC-30 Recharge kit

RC-30 Battery Recharge Kit

AC-30 Charging transformer only

Price: $60   Qty:   

Price: $20   Qty:   

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