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Phonic Ear OnWave Large Area FM System

for Houses of Worship, Educational Institutions, Businesses, Parks and Recreation

The OnWave product line has limited availability. Products such as PE300R single-channel and PE506R multi-channel receivers have been discontinued. If you are not bound by limitations of bid specifications and/or already own/operate an existing OnWave system, we highly recommend the Williams Sound PPA 377 FM system as a viable alternative.

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OnWave FM hearing assistance system DiscontinuedOnWave FM hearing assistance system

The WV-1-074 standard package includes (1) 560T Transmitter with AT0777 antenna, AT0786 power supply, four (4) 500R tuneable single channel receivers with AT0538-S binaural earbuds, eight (8) Alkaline Batteries, RCA to 1/4" patch cord, (1) ADA compliant wall plaque, and user Manual.


The WV-2-074 Rack-mount package includes all of the above plus AT0780 rack-mount kit and AT0775 antenna ground plane with AT0778 connector kit.

Volume and/or Government/Educational Discount may apply

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Whether it is for hearing assistance and ADA compliance, or, for language translation applications, the Phonic Ear OnWave FM based assistive listening system features offers great flexibility in terms of portability, ease of installation and coverage area/transmission range.

The OnWave Large Area FM Transmitter offers digital audio processing and direct digital synthesis for superior FM transmission. The transmitter's digital display shows all custom settings which are stored in flash-memory. It is digitally tunable to 10 wide-band and 40 narrow-band channels. A combination volume control/on-off switch makes the receivers simple to operate. The standard system includes the base station transmitter with rubber-duck antenna and AC adaptor, four single-channel tunable wideband receivers with alkaline batteries and binaural earbuds, a patch cord, an easy to understand user guide and a marketing facilities kit. Easy Listener narrow-band receivers may also be used with 560T transmitter.

Download OnWave Tech Data (modified 09/01/2009 to reflect product availability).

Download OnWave User Guide


OnWave FM

Components and Accessories

OnWave base station transmitter

560T Transmitter with AT0777 antenna and AT0786 power supply
Qty: Price: $750 Discontinued (Use PPA T45 instead)

AC-25 charging transformer

AT0786 Power supply w/power cord for 560T transmitter
Qty: Price: $70 Discontinued

AT0777 OnWave Antenna

AT0777Standard antenna for 560T transmitter
Qty: Price: $70 Discontinued

Stadium antenna

AT0773 Stadium antenna with connector kit (Channels A to E or 1 to 20)
Qty: Price: $460 Discontinued

AT0774 Stadium antenna with connector kit (Channels F to J or 21 to 40)
Qty: Price: $460 Discontinued

Ground plane with connector kit

AT0775 Antenna ground plane with AT0778 connector kit Discontinued

Ground plane with connector kit

AT0776 Antenna ground plane with AT0779 50 ft cable Discontinued
Qty: Price: $130

50 ft Antenna cable

PE500R Single-channel tuneable receiver. Discontinued (Use PPA R37N instead)

PE506R Six-channel receiver. Discontinued (no known substitute)

PE300R Easy Listener receiver. Discontinued (no known substitute)


AT0163/0543 Neckloop with connector cord
Qty: Price: $65


AT541 Standard headset
Qty: Price: $25

Binaural earbuds

AT0538-S Binaural earbuds
Qty: Price: $28

OnWave two-unit charger

AT0749 Two-unit charger for PE500R receivers. Discontinued
Qty: Price: $25

AT0534 Two-unit charger for PE300R receivers
Qty: Price: $22

Phonic Ear PE500C 12-Pocket charger

PE500C 12-Pocket charger/carry case for P500R receivers. Discontinued
Qty: Price: $395

PE300C 12-Pocket charger/carry case for PE506R receivers. Discontinued

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Volume and/or Government/Educational Discount may apply

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